• Orthopedic and Movement

    Restore and expand your ability to move! Our clients learn to be active with improved motion, strength, and control. They develop improved balance and function with less pain or fear of pain.

  • Pelvic Health and Pain

    We offer solutions for pelvic pain and problems in women and men. We work with the whole person to regain function and improve the quality of life.

  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum

    Having a baby brings about many changes. Our clients learn how to work and exercise safely, improve abdominal, core, and pelvic floor muscle function, resume activity and exercise during pregnancy and after the baby arrives.

  • Performing Arts and Sports

    Because life is a performing art! We treat performance specific problems including dance- and music-related injuries. Our patients lean the influence of posture / alignment on practice and performance, coordination for skill acquisition and resuming activity without pain.

Classes & Workshops

Prenatal & Perinatal Yoga

This is a  yoga  practice for mothers-to-be and  for new moms including breathing, core and pelvic floor strengthening, meditation, and movement to support you during this journey.  The body is in constant change, physically, hormonally, and emotionally during pregnancy and in the postpartum and perinatal times. This class allows mom-to-be and new moms explore  change in balance, strength and mobility as you  learn new strength and core development.

Why Physical Therapy?

You want to address aches, pain, and mobility problems (or prevent them from occurring).

You want to manage physical problems without medication or surgery, or with less medication.

You want to improve balance, mobility, strength, and the ability to do the activities you enjoy or need to do.

You want to begin a new fitness, wellness, or training program but are not sure how to begin safely.

You want a partner to help you achieve goals for better health, movement, and function.

The PTs at Embody are movement specialists, with deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. We use our knowledge and hands on techniques to help our clients move and feel better with less pain.  Experience a unique and comprehensive approach to health and wellness with Embody PT. 

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From the Embody Blog

Owning HER Health

Susan talks about HER story... how Hurricane Katrina destroyed HER home and health and how she reassessed and rebuilt.

Real People. Real Results.

**Even before I was formally diagnosed with stage 3 pelvic organ prolapse, I researched solutions. I really don’t want to have surgery unless it is a last resort, and I want to stay active – hiking, long walks, yoga, gardening.  There really is a solution if you are willing to devote some time and effort.  I found Embody Physiotherapy and after discussion with my urogynecology doctor and PA, requested a referral.  I couldn’t be happier.....I’ve continued to do the breathing exercises daily and include a mix of the other exercises in my morning stretching routine.  So far, so good!  I’ve put in 100 miles walking or hiking nearly every month this summer, gone back to yoga classes knowing the modifications to make, and rarely have an issue.  Does this PT make the prolapse go away?  No.  Does it make it manageable? Most definitely!  For your own peace of mind, I highly recommend working with Embody for several sessions before making a decision about surgery.  I think that if you are willing to heed her advice, you will be amazed   KC October 2016

We love that KC is staying in touch with us to keep up us to date with her adventures and successes, but also because she knows that if she has quesitons or concerns, we are here to help resolve concerns!  Embody PT