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We provide solutions for pelvic floor, pain, and movement problems.
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We provide prevention and consultative services.
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We provide outstanding professional education.
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PHYSICAL THERAPY solutions for:

  • Pelvic Pain in Women and Men
  • Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women and Men
  • Pelvic Floor Problems in Children, Including Bedwetting, Daytime Leaks, Pain,  and Constipation and Encopresis
  • Back and Neck Pain and Headaches
  • Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Weakness
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Diastasis, pregnancy, and post-partum recovery 

The Physical Therapists at Embody Physiotherapy use their specialist training, knowledge, and eperience to solve your pain, spine and joint problems, and pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence. At Embody, we recognize that each person is an individual and has personal goals.  We work with you to meet those goals for health, wellness, and function. If you are ready for a life without fear of leakage, pain, sitffness and weakness, contact us to learn how we can help you get back to function and health. 

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  • Medical Yoga Therapy

    Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a way to effectively use yoga in health and wellness care. It is not simply yoga therapy; we provide thorough assessments and interventions based on evaluation findings to treat and address disease and joint/spine/PF  and other problems, prevention, and to improve function and ability. Using Yoga and Physical Therapy, address your health, function, and wellness concerns in an integrative and holistic manner. 
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  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum Care

    A woman's body goes through incredible changes during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum months, and many women benefit from Physical Therapy during pregnancy and after giving birth to connect with changing bodies and  regain their core, spine, and pelvic strength. Problems like incontinence, back, and pelvic pain are common but they are never normal. Susan and Rebecca work with moms-to-be and new moms to help them prevent the likelihood of problems, resolve  issues, and to address scars, pain, and diastasis ( DRA). If you are experiencing problems related to pregnancy, including DRA and "new mom fitness" questions, contact us for answers.   Sign up for our New(er) Mom Tipsheet and Newsletters here

  • We are resuming our mom-to-be and new(er) mom workshops. For more information:

  • Pregnancy Points From the Pros  SPRING DATE TBA soon

  • Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness and Health   SPRING DATE TBA soon

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"Physical therapy like no place else. They care about you as a whole and they make sure you leave feeling like you are on the right path to healing. Would not go anywhere else!"

"The amount of time and attention spent on individual physiotherapy is phenomenal. Lots of strategies to handle your problems. Excellent resource for both men and women."

"I highly recommend Embody for anyone that has “tried PT before and it didn’t work”. The Embody approach is holistic and positive with an integration of science with clinical skills, experience, and the art and science of yoga therapy. I know that I have a healthcare partner that I trust to help me along my path of lifelong wellness."

February Workshops: Learn, Change, Self-care

February is a great month to begin to do some "self-care", whether a mom-to-be, a new(er) mom, or to take some time just for you!

February 17 "Pregnancy Points From the Pros: What You Need and Want to Know" 10:00-11:30 AM  Info and Regsiter

February 17 "Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness & Health After the Baby" 12:30-2:00 PM Info and Register

February 24 "Womens' Wellness: Winter Revitilization Into Spring" 10:30-12:30  Info and Register