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We provide solutions for pelvic floor, pain, and movement problems.
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We provide prevention and consultative services.
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We provide outstanding professional education.
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Physical Therapy During Pregnancy & in Postpartum Recovery
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EmbodyPhysioYoga Therapy
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We help people with Pelvic, Bladder, and Spine concerns move, live, and be active without pain, pills, pressure, or leaking.
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What's holding you back? Keeping you from doing the things you love or want to do? 


  • Leaking urine (or fear of leaking) with day to day activity or exercise

  • Back and neck pain

  • Pain or incontinence during Pregnancy

  • Post-partum concerns including Diastasis, scar pain, back and SI pain, urinary leakage,  and not being able to return to "yourself"

  • Joint stiffness and discomfort

  • Pelvic pain and pain with intimacy

  • Little "niggling" aches and pains that are accumulating

  • Being told that those activities, movements, or exercises are "bad" or dangerous for you

We have solutions.  Being told "it's normal" for any reason is NOT okay! 

Perhaps you are skeptical that Embody can help meet your goals. You have been let down by other providers, or you are not sure what to do next. 

The therapists at Embody understand your concerns, and for this reason, we offer a  30 minute"discovery visit" for you to let us know more about you, your concerns, and your goals.During your in-person or by phone discussion, you learn more about us, and how we can provide you with solutions. 

Request your Free Discovery Consultation with one of the Embody PT specialis

Embody Physiotherapy is not only for those persons looking for solutions! 

We are also here to help you PREPARE for preganancy and delivery, to REGAIN after delivery.

 AND we are here to help anyone become more active, stay active and healthy, and to prevent or lessen concerns frequently associated with aging.  We all are growing older; we want you to arrive on your own terms, and to be as fit, strong, and balanced as you desire! 

For more information, request a consultation above, or continue to explore our "Services" Page.

Are you seeking solutions for Spine and Pelvic Floor pain, pressure, and concerns? Download our 6 Tips Sheet for some quick ideas:

Download your FREE Embody Physio Tips to Improve Urinary Leakage and Back Pain


Moms-to-be and New moms get a lot of advice, not all of it requested! If you are looking for easy tips to help prepare and for your early self-care after baby arrives, request our FREE new moms sheet.

Download our FREE "New Moms Tip Sheets

Learn more about how we are able to help moms at any stage of pregnancy or post-partum HERE or visit our services page.

You can read and learn more about why we advocate for new moms (and not so new!) in this blog post.

You may have been told that you have pelvic organ prolapse (POP), be concerned that you might, or would like to prevent it. Read more in this blog as we discuss how the pelvic floor specialists at Embody Physio can help you.

We Can Help You. Learn more by scheduling your FREE Discovery Consultation. 

 Discovery Consultation

"Physical therapy like no place else. They care about you as a whole and they make sure you leave feeling like you are on the right path to healing. Would not go anywhere else!"

"The amount of time and attention spent on individual physiotherapy is phenomenal. Lots of strategies to handle your problems. Excellent resource for both men and women."

"I highly recommend Embody for anyone that has “tried PT before and it didn’t work”. The Embody approach is holistic and positive with an integration of science with clinical skills, experience, and the art and science of yoga therapy. I know that I have a healthcare partner that I trust to help me along my path of lifelong wellness."


Core Confidence and Pelvic Power Yoga Class Series, Begins September 10. More Information and to Register

Yoga for Arthritis, Spine Health and Strong Bones Series Begins September 23. More Information and to Register

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