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May 6, 2016

MKK is sharing her story and journey about her postpartum recovery and DRA healing. We are grateful to her for sharing this personal story with us!

Mar 14, 2016

Rebecca Meehan talks with us about Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness in Sewickley, PA.

Mar 14, 2016

Rebecca Meehan talks with us about Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness in Sewickley, PA.

Feb 22, 2016

Yes, men have pelvic floors, and yes, they can have pain and dysfunction! Here is a great resource for articles and some support put together by Karl Monahan in the UK

Oct 30, 2015

We are movement specialists and use our knowledge to assist you in staying healthy and preventing pain, movement problems, and illness! We utilize yoga according to specific medical conditions, orthopedic, joint and bone health concerns, pelvic health and pregnancy issues.

Oct 26, 2015

25-30 years ago, we were barely talking about the pelvic floor, and when we did, it was usually related to (whispered) urinary leakage, kegels, and Great-aunt Edna and her need to stop at every bathroom between her home and around the block!

Oct 26, 2015

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is a wonderful profession that exists for one purpose: to help people improve function, meet their goals, and get back to a life that they want to live. No matter if you’ve been challenged by injury, illness, or pain, we’re here to help.

Sep 29, 2015

One of the most distressing things when you’re having pain with pregnancy is the lack of quality information available. Most women are told that “this is normal” and “don’t worry, once you have your baby, it will get better!”

May 13, 2015

Your new baby can come with a lot of information from family, friends, and magazines (and celebrities!) telling you not only how to care for your baby, but possibly how you should look and exercise! As Women’s Health Physical Therapy Specialists, here are 6 tips to help with your post-partum recovery.

Mar 3, 2015

A (fun and frank) discussion with Densie LaRosa and Embody Physiotherapy.




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