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Classes / Workshops

Classes to help you gain strength, mobility and balance. Yoga, Core & Pelvic Floor Fitness, Movement, and Prenatal Yoga for ALL abilities and interests.

Please email us at to find out if the class you're interested in is right for you, or to schedule an individual EmbodyPhysioYoga Evaluation and Session.

Current Class Schedule (full descriptions below)

Monday 6:30-7:45 PM  Movement Monday: Yoga, Strength, and Balance

Wednesday 9-10:15 AM  Yoga to Explore. Strengthen, and Revitalize 

Thursday 11AM-12:15 PM  Yoga to Explore, Strengthen, and Revitalize

(Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Classes are ongoing. Join us when you are able. Concerns about ability to participate or new to yoga? Email and let me know your concerns. 

 "Building Your Dynamic Core and Pelvis Yoga Class". This Class series will be scheduled again later this Spring. Interested? Email me to be on the mailing list and know about the next series

What are people saying about classes at Embody Physiotherapy?  "Wonderful experience! will definitely return!" and "Always a great experience! I look forward to more classes!"   Thanks KL! Enjoy having you particpate!

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Thursdays 6:30-7:45PM

     Ready to reconnect to your body? To improve your Core and Pelvic strength, coordination, and confidence? Spine and Bone Health?

To Be Scheduled again in Spring 2019

You're pregnant and ready to "Spring Forward"! Are you on information overload about how to prepare your body during pregnancy, for labor and what to do in early days after the baby??
Join us for 9 Tips and Exercises for pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum Mom-health!

Saturday March 9, 2019 Noon-1:30PM

Ready to learn how to reconnect your core, pelvic floor, and the rest of your body post-baby? Tired of the "dreaded mommy tummy"(where did we get that term???) Join us to learn 7 Tips and Exercises that you can use every day to begin to restore and recover after the baby(s) or at any point!!

Mondays from 6:30-7:45pm

If you would like to see changes in your motion, strength, and balance, join us for this class We welcome for all ages and ability, including those with orthopedic problems and bone health concerns. Tired of being told "not"to do activities? Give your body the gift of change!

Wednesdays 9-10:30 AM, Thursdays from 11AM-12:15 PM

Our intention in this class is for improved breath, confidence in strength, stability and mobility, and improved ability to find your balance in life. Enjoy the challenge of exploring something new and learning new breath techniques, ALL of them incorporating pelvic floor and abdominal/core appropriate for everyone, including those with pelvic floor concerns. The class is based on Medical Therapeutic Yoga and is appropriate for all, including those with Pelvic Floor concerns (and newer moms), joint and arthritis concerns, spine and neck problems, osteoporosis and bone health concerns, and for individuals during and after cancer treatment...or for someone who wants a class to learn to move DIFFERENTLY.
If you are ready to take your practice "off the mat" and carry it into your day, join us.

Will be rescheduled later this Winter/Spring

Are you ready for changes in your joint and spine mobility and strength? Would you like to improve your bone health and change your posture? Looking for a Yoga program that meets your needs and offers week by week instruction for growth and learning?You have had joint replacements or other surgeries and wonder how you can take part in a class? This 8 week series will be held again later this Winter/early Spring. No yoga experience is needed, only the desire to create some change!
A comment from a Fall 2018 participant: "I come in feeling achy and stiff, and leave feeling strong and able to move!"

Yoga & Movement Class Prices

Single Class: $18.00
5 Classes: $75.00 
10 Classes: $120.00

Passes are valid for 6 months and for all classes except Special 8 weeks series.


Individual Therapeutic Yoga Assessment and Sessions $150 evaulation and follow-up sessions $100.00

What is stopping you from actvity? We have solutions.

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Orthopedic & Movement

  • Back and Hip Pain
  • Neck and Upper Back Pain
  • Joint and Muscular Pain

Pelvic Health & Pain

  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pain with Intercourse
  • GI Dysfunction
  • Childhood bedwetting, daytime leakage, encopresis

Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Performing Arts & Sports


Does Distance prevent you from seeing us in person, or you have been through PT in another location and you are not sure that we can assist you?  A consultation may be a solution.  "Consultation is the process of getting advice from an expert." (Collins Dictionary).   If you have questions about your health and wellness needs but are not able to see us at our Sewickley practice location, please contact us about the option of a consultation by distance. We may also be able to help you find someone closer to home to assist you. 
Please contact us at or call 412-259-5342 to schedule your consultation. 

15 minute Phone Consultation: Free

60 Minute Phone, Internet or In-Person Consultation: $150.00


Dynamic Core Confidence & Pelvic Power Yoga PLUS 8 Week Class Series Information and register here

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