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9 Pregnancy Points & Exercises: Preparing for Motherhood &Body Changes

Mar 2019
To Be Scheduled again in Spring 2019

Are you on information overload about how to prepare your body during pregnancy, for labor and what to do in early days after the baby??
Join us for 9 Tips and Exercises for pregnancy, birth, and early post partum Mom-health! 
• Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (aka DRA) during pregnancy, and after birth.
• Pelvic Floor and Core: how they work together, changes during pregnancy, tips for early post-partum(including incontinence AND hemorroids) 
• Preparing for childbirth with mobility, breath, and control.
• Tips for back and pelvic ring pain, including ideas and examples of supports.
• Exercise during pregnancy.
• Post-Partum tips; breath, pain management, pelvic floor protection and support, lifting, carrying the baby, caring for yourself while caring for your new child.
• And MORE, including movement practice and ideas for birth positioning.

Who should join us? Moms and dads, at any point in your pregnancy who want more information and CONFIDENCE!!

Cost: $25.00/mom or couple   Fee update: You have heard "it takes a village to raise a child", well, moms deserve help to birth that child!  All proceeds from workshops will go to "Oli's Angels", a Pittsburgh non-profit that provides free support to moms before, during, and after birth.  (read more about this heart-sharing organization here)

General Information is necessary, but may not meet your individual needs or concerns. Attend the workshop and decide to see us for one to one Physical Therapy or EmbodyPhysioYoga to meet your goals, receive a $25.00 discount.  

Gift Ideas for New Moms: A Gift card for a visit (or more) during preganancy or after delivery. This is a great way to support the special moms in your life! 



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