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Building Core Confidence & Pelvic Power PLUS Yoga Class Series

Apr 2019 to Jun 2019
Thursdays 6:30-7:45PM

     Ready to reconnect to your body? To improve your Core and Pelvic strength, coordination, and confidence? Spine and Bone Health? This EmbodyPhysioYoga class is an 8 Week series with the intent of improving your connection to core/pelvic floor and spine (cause they are connected!), function, balance, mobility, and strength.  It is for ANYONE, with or without pelvic floor and core concerns, and NO yoga experience is needed, although if you practice yoga, your practice may change and you may gain confidence in poses after this series. Although we will not be addressing specific issues and the intent is not treatment, you may experience improvement in:

  • pelvic floor prolapse, leakage, and other concerns
  • diastasis (DRA)
  • post-partum recovery (if less than 6 weeks post partum, please contact Rebecca)
  • overall strength and mobility
  • less back pain

Class Dates and Time: Thursdays from , 201April 25- June 13, 2019   6:30 PM-7:45 PM

Cost: $110.00

If you would like to address specific concerns about your pelvic floor, abdominals, spine and hips and would like an individual evaluation and program to meet your needs in addition to the yoga class, participants will receive a discount of 10%  on our initial evaluation.

Email  with questions or to register by email. 



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