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Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness & Health After the Baby

This Quarterly Workshop Will be Scheduled Again in Late Summer.

The pelvic floor and abdomen don’t get a lot of attention paid to them until there is a problem – this needs to change. Prevention is key Kim Vopni – The Fitness Doula
“Do It Yourself” is great in some areas, but it helps to know what you are working with and when to ask for help from the pros! Join Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness for an informative (but casual and fun) learning and practice about training and caring for your core and pelvic floor post baby.  Learn to get the muscle groups back on track and to create change in your body!
What? Core & Pelvic Floor anatomy and changes after baby.
Changes and issues that you hear about and we see in practice (leakage, GI problems, pain, prolapse, Diastasis)
How? How do we heal, recover, PREVENT issues
Core and Pelvic Floor basics for exercise & day to day life
WHO? Designed for women after baby, but if you want to learn and have not had children, you are welcome!  Learn more about how to create better strength, movement, and function. Emphasis will be on creating a coordinated "link" in your system, to strengthen for day to day, yoga, running, and gym. Bring a friend, sister, or Mom! All Moms are welcome, but please let us know if you are less than 6 weeks post-partum.

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Cost: $20.00


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