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Online Learning: Gastrointestinal Disorders and the Pelvic Floor with Susan Clinton

Online Class

Learn a comprehensive approach to gastrointestinal disorders including bowel and digestion dysfunction through didactic lectures, hands on labs and case study presentations. This approach allows for the consideration of management of multiple factors including nutritional, behavioral, medical-surgical decisions, and advanced physical therapy examination and treatment. A comprehensive approach will lead to improved management of this complex patient, as a varied intervention approach is required to be successful.

Course Objectives:

Through completion of this course, participants will:

Understand and define functional bowel disorders and bowel disease
Recognize the latest evidence on the CNS and endocrine relationship to the GI system in adults
Understand medical testing/imaging and interpretation of the result
Implement a physiotherapy assessment for differential diagnosis of individuals with gastrointestinal disorders
Identify medical “red flags” that warrant referral to the appropriate physician
Recognize the behavioral components and the role of physical therapy interventions
Apply assessment and treatment techniques to the patients with complex bowel disorders including dyssenergia
Implement the balloon catheter to treat increased and decreased colorectal sensitivity



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