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Online Learning with Integrative Women's Health Institute

Opportunities to learn and to develop an integratie Women's Health Practice: 


Treating Chronic Pelvic Pain

Learn an innovative approach for how YOU can help the thousands of women in your community suffering with Chronic Pelvic Pain. For introductory webinar and course information HERE.

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Hormone Balance

Learning in person with the PTs at Embody is not always an option due to distance. This online program from the Integrative Women's Health Institute can support you through education, understanding, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to address your hormone imbalance symptoms. Find more information HERE.

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Hormones 101

Introduction to the Female Endocrine System & Hormones: An Essential Training for All Women's Health and Wellness Professionals. Click HERE for more information and to register for the webinar.

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Nourish - Relieve Your Pelvic Pain

Are you struggling with pelvic pain due to interstitial cystitis (IC), endometriosis, vulvar vestibulitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, IBS, constipation or another cause? This program from the Integrative Women's Health Institute offers information, resources, and programs to support your journey in recovering from Pelvic Pain.  If are you are working with Embody PT therapists, we utilize and have access to this information and share with you as part of your program. If you are searching for a holistic approach to your pain and are not in the Western PA area or are working with other therapists, this program may assist you. Find more information HERE.

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Optimal Fertility

Specifically designed to support physical therapists, health coaches, nutritionists and fitness professionals working with women who want to optimize their reproductive health. This FREE webinar will introduce you to information to help your clients achieve their dreams of conception and more. Register and more information HERE.

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Preparing for Pregnancy

The Integrative Women's Health Institute offers this online learning for education and support to optimize your fertility, prepare for a nourished and healthy pregnancy, and to support recovery post-birth. Find more information HERE.

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Women's Health Coaching Certification

If you’re ready to specialize in women’s health and actually get results using a blend of functional nutrition and evidence-based health coaching, attend this free workshop and learn more. Use science, not marketing hype to grow your practice through healthy patients and clients.  Learn more and register for the webinar HERE.

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Core Confidence and Pelvic Power Yoga Class Series, Begins September 10. More Information and to Register

Yoga for Arthritis, Spine Health and Strong Bones Series Begins September 23. More Information and to Register

EmbodyPhysio Yoga Classes Information and Class Passes