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Embody Physiotherapy FAQS

Direct access to treatment

  • Do I need a prescription or referral from my doctor to see you? Nope; both Rebecca Meehan and Susan Clinton have "Direct Access Licensure" in Pennsylvania and are able to see patients and clients without referral.  After your evaluation, we will communicate our findings, your goals, and the plan of care to your physician or provider.
  • Physical therapists are trained to diagnose your problem and provide a fully customized treatment option that doesn’t involve prescription medications or procedures. We work with you and with your physician or health provider. By seeing a Physiotherapist first, you avoid the "assembly line" approach of going from doctor to doctor (and the co-pays associated with those visits!). Be assured that if we are concerned about anything in your history or during our exam that is not appropriate for PT, we will get you to the right provider.
  • Do you take my insurance? Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness is considered an out-of-network provider with most insurance companies. While insurance is not processed directly, many of our clients do submit their own claims to their insurance – and Embody Physiotherapy will provide all documentation necessary to do so. Additionally, all of our physical therapy services can be paid for with funds from Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts.  Read more about why people are choosing to go out to network HERE. 

  • Can I still see you even though you are out-of-network?  YES!! This is actually what we are known for, and in addition to providing expert care, because we work only with one person at a time rather than double (or triple) booking, you often will see us less often. Expert care, efficient appointments, and no co-payments often equal cost savings! (click on the link above to learn more)
  •  If you want to work with us but have questions,  request a FREE Discovery Session. We’ll make sure you’re a good fit for what we do and that we can help you – BEFORE you invest any time or money with us.

  • Request Your FREE Discovery Visit

  • If you are ready to begin to move forward with less pain, more confidence, better balance, mobility, and strength, call us at 412-259-5342 to schedule your firtst visit. 


Additional Information

 We know that you might be skeptical about the ability to find solutions to the issues and concerns that are holding you back. 

We offer a 30 minute FREE "Discovery Consultation", in person or by phone. This is an opportunity to tell us more about you and your history, and for us to share information with you. You have the chance to Discover if Embody is the right place to help you meet your goals for health, wellness, and function. 

Request your FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation


Initial Evaluation &Treatment    

1 hour: $150.00

Follow-up visits are time-based and always one-to-one; 

 1hour $100.00

 45 Min $75.00

 30 Min $50.00

Individual Medical Therapeutic Yoga Sessions (1 hour) $100.00








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