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IWHI Nourish, Holistic Pelvic Pain Program

Are you struggling with pelvic pain due to interstitial cystitis (IC), endometriosis, vulvar vestibulitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, IBS, constipation or another cause? This program from the Integrative Women's Health Institute offers information, resources, and programs to support your journey in recovering from Pelvic Pain.  If are you are working with Embody PT therapists, we utilize and have access to this information and share with you as part of your program. If you are searching for a holistic approach to your pain and are not in the Western PA area or are working with other therapists, this program may assist you.

Embody Physiotherapy Wellness Consultations

Consultations are options for clients and patients who do not live in the Western PA area or would like to learn more about how PT can assist them. In person, home and video consultation are available at hourly or prorated rates.

  • Explore Physical Therapy treatment options for you
  • Follow-up from In-office treatments and program
  • Distance-based education and wellness
  • Coaching and Wellness visit 

Please contact us at with questions or to determine if a consultation would be beneficial. 

Essential Oil Resources

Essential Oils (EO) operate on the biochemical and physical level, and at the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level of our our lives. We recognize the value of EO in the support of our systems, used in aromaotherapy, for neuromuscualr support, for hormonal, emotional, and potential immune support and are happy to share information with our clients to assisit and support their wellness goals. 

There are many oils available with many benefits and attributes. If you are interested in learning more about how you can utilize Essential Oils to support your wellness and would like to diiscuss the use of oils to support the wellness of  you and your family, please contact Rebecca Meehan at for a free consultation. 

If you would like to obtain therapeutic grade essential oils and explore the benefits of "nature's medicine cabinet", you may order through the site linked here. (please note, you are not required to "join", you may purhase high quality EO at retail. 

Bellies Inc Supports

Many of our moms benefit from support during pregnancy and in the earlier days post-partum. No one support works for every woman, but we find that the "Ab Wrap" works well is a good choice for many women of different shapes and sizes. 

IWHI Hormone Balance Program

Learning in person with the PTs at Embody is not always an option due to distance. This online program from the Integrative Women's Health Institute can support you through education, understanding, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to address your hormone imbalance symptoms. More information here

IWHI Preparing for Pregnancy

The Integrative Women's Helath Institute offers this online learning for education and support to optimize your fertility,  prepare for a nourished and healthy pregnancy, and to support  recovery post-birth.


 Saturday June 16, 2018 Free Workshop: Finding a Strong Breath 10-11 AM. Information and Registration