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Rates & Referrals

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Direct access to treatment

  • As the leader of your healthcare team, you are entitled to choose the best health care professional to help meet your goal. That means you have Freedom of Choice.  It is your right as a consumer to attend Physical Therapy with the PT you believe can best assist you. Your doctor may give you a list of providers associated with his/her company, but you may choose to go to any facility.
  • Do I need a prescription or referral to see you? No; both Rebecca Meehan and Susan Clinton have "Direct Access Licensure" in Pennsylvania and are able to see patients and clients without referral. We will perform a thorough health history and examination, and then determine a course of Physical Therapy treatment with you based on YOUR goals and our findings. If we have concerns about any part of our examination, we will discuss this with you and help you see the most appropriate physician for specialty care if needed.  After your evaluation, we will communicate our findings, your goals, and the plan of care to your physician or provider.

We are glad that you value your health and function.

  • The goal of Embody PT is to help you make the most of your PT visits to meet your goals and 100% of your visit will be spent with your Physical Therapist. 
  • Cost-Effective Care. Based on your goals and our findings during examination we will determine frequency of your visits at Embody. Although many PTs see clients 2-3 times/week, because we spend 100% of our visit time working with you, we often see our clients less frequently. The key? We work with your goals and needs! 
  • Transparent Pricing.  Our fees are time based and billed by actual face to face examination and treatment time with your Physical Therapist. There are no hidden fees, percentages, co-pays, or "wait and see what the insurance pays."
  • Protected Client-Therapist Relationships. Embody Physiotherapy does not have contracts with insurance companies; we work with YOU, the client to meet your goals without visit, time, or treatment restrictions placed by the insurance carrier.


  • We accept cash, checks, credit and HSA/FSA cards. Payment is requested at the time of service.
  • You will receive a receipt with our practice and individual license ID information, your diagnosis codes, the treatment codes and all of the information that your insurance carrier will require if you submit to them. You insurance carrier will reimburse you based on your contract with them and on their fee schedule. 


  • Our Medicare patients pay us at each visit, and we submit the paperwork to Medicare. Medicare will reimburse the client directly based on the MC fee schedule.

Additional Information

Initial Evaluation &Treatment    

(1 hour): $150.00

Follow-up visits are time-based and always one-to-one; 

 1hour $100.00

 45 Min $75.00

 30 Min $50.00

Individual Medical Therapeutic Yoga Sessions (1 hour) $100.00

Consultation: " the process of getting advice from an expert" to formulate a plan.

Embody Physiotherapy recognizes the need to ask questions and explore your health options. We know that you might be skeptical about the ability to find solutions to the issues and concerns that are holding you back.

We offer a 30 minute FREE "Discovery Consultation", in person or by phone. This is an opportunity to tell us more about you and your history, and for us to share information with you. You have the chance to Discover if Embody is the right place to help you meet your goals. 

Free Discovery Consultation






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