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EmbodyPhysio Yoga Therapy

EmbodyPhysio Yoga combines the evidence base and knowledge of Physical Therapy and how the body “works” with the ancient science of yoga, to provide a functional and integrative form of therapy. Using her knowledge and experience as a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist), and knowledge and experience with yoga, Rebecca is able to deliver a new model for health, fitness, and prevention, as well as rehabilitation in a more holistic fashion. Using Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), the focus is on you and your goals, rather than your diagnosis, and she prescribes yoga based on your specific needs.

Yoga is the union of the body, the mind, the energetic (prana), and the spirit. It allows us to work toward balance, health, and wellness.  

Using MTY, EmbodyPhysio Yoga can help to decrease the risk of chronic disease, manage long standing or new pain, manage stress, and promote lifelong healthy habits. Rebecca works with people of all physical shapes, sizes, and abilities. No need for fitness clothing, to be strong or flexible! We embrace yoga philosophy and knowledge, and MTY is non-dogmatic and non-theistic.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga can be used by students of any yoga system, religion, or physical condition.  We meet you at your level and help you to address the needs at that time of your life.

Examples of some of the problems that brought people to EmbodyPhysio Yoga Therapy:

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, including incontinence, pain, and prolapse
  • Back and neck pain
  • Persistent problems after concussion
  • “Arthritis” and Joint pain, Bone Health concerns
  • GI Dysfunction, including IBS
  • Strength, mobility, and balance problems
  • Anxiety, depression, and stress related concerns
  • A desire to move and feel better, and to improve overall ability


Things people ask about EmbodyPhysio Yoga:

  • Q: I have been going to yoga elsewhere, and would like to go back, but need to be stronger/feel better/recover from ____.       A: Absolutely! Some of our clients attend classes here because they feel they meet their needs and they enjoy them. Others take what they learn and develop working with Rebecca and return to the community classes that they enjoy. But they go back to those classes with improved ability, strength, and knowledge about ways to best modify poses or to change the practice to meet their own needs.
  • Q: I don’t think that I have the flexibility or strength for yoga.  A: After evaluation, Rebecca will discuss your goals, and will begin to design and build a program for you, helping you work towards your goals, and scaling the program to meet and strengthen your abilities. Everyone is able to “do Yoga” at Embody, and we teach you to change and modify the poses and activities to build confidence, strength, and success.
  • Q: I don’t really like to go to classes, and I don’t have much time during my day. I would really like something for work and other times.   A: Yoga does not require a set time or place. In actuality, stopping and finding time throughout your day for mental and physical focus (standing or sitting; it does not require a mat or lying down) will truly allow you to strengthen and create changes. Rebecca loves to help people “take their practice off the mat” and into daily life.
  • Q: I have been told that I should not do yoga because of orthopedic problems (like shoulder, hip, knee, ankle).  A: As a Physical Therapist, Rebecca brings her knowledge of anatomy, joint function and mobility, and body knowledge and work to yoga, and modifies and builds poses. Not every pose/asana is for each person or body, and we teach and build accordingly. As a PT, Rebecca is also able to include manual therapy techniques into individual yoga programs.

Rebecca began her personal yoga practice in1998 in a community-based yoga class that was a mobility and relaxation class and emphasized mobility over form and technique. As she explored yoga in that class, other classes, and in videos, she began to utilize yoga poses or asana in her physical therapist practice.  Although utilizing poses with her patients, she knew that she was missing knowledge and theory in applying yoga in the clinic to the full benefit of her patients and clients.

She began searching for classes and ways to develop knowledge, philosophy, and skills application for her patients and for her own practice. After researching programs, she chose to obtain her yoga certification through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI) in North Carolina, and completed certification in March 2018. The PYTI program is a specialized program for licensed healthcare providers, blending Western medicine with the life science of yoga and Eastern medicine, wellness, and prevention. She has had the privilege of teaching other healthcare providers studying through the PYTI, and always learns from her students.

The use of yoga in Physical Therapy practice has deepened Rebecca’s knowledge while encouraging more and deeper study into yoga, health, and ayurvedic medicine. It has broadened the base and the tools that she can provide to her clients and patients who would like to utilize yoga therapy, and to provide them with options and tools for improved energy, strength, mobility, balance, function, and confidence, as well as less pain.

If you have questions about EmbodyPhysio Yoga Therapy, please contact Rebecca at or 412-259-5342.

EmbodyPhysio Yoga Therapy options:

Individual evaluation and  treatment:  90 minutes  ($175.00)

Follow up individual sessions: 1 hour  ( $100.00)

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EmbodyPhysio Yoga Therapy

You have been told "You should do Yoga" but worried about your ability, your pain, or your leakage? Or you would like to develop a practice but are not sure you have the strength or mobility? Yoga meets Healthcare with EmbodyPhysioYoga Therapy. Private therapeutic sessions includes assessment and interventions based on your evaluation findings to help you develop a specific yoga program for YOU, and to meet your goals. EmbodyPhysioYoga is a bridge between traditional PT and yoga, and helps you begin to link and connect body, mind, and environment. 

EmbodyPhysio Yoga helps you create strong breath and energy, strength, mobility, balance, and confident movement options for all abilities and ages. No yoga experience? No problems! We help you build, learn, and change! Already attend yoga at a studio but would like to develop a stronger or different practice or learn to modify to meet your body? Great! We want you to be able to attend classes and have confidence in your ability and practice! 

  • Rebecca had the opportunity to share thoughts about Yoga, Physical Therapy and "Taking it Off the Mat" into daily life with Alsion McLean of Ignite Wellness. Listen here to our laughter and philosophy about wellness and function.   What are some of the things we hear about EmbodyPhysioYoga?  "I needed a reminder today. Thank you! Return to the mat, mindbody."  MM

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  • Expert Care During Pregnancy and After Birth, at ANY Stage (or any age!)

    Things we hear from moms to be and moms of many ages: "I wish I would have known sooner that back/SI/Pubic pain are not normal and that you can help."  "I want to return to activity but I am worried about prolapse"

  • "I wish I would have known sooner that there was help for my episiotomy pain/C-section scar mobility/pain with intercourse."

  • "I want to feel strong."  "I am worried about my DRA and the online programs are not helping." 

  • "You can help me prepare for labor and after the baby comes?!?"

  • "I had my kids _____ years ago. i guess it's too late to make any changes!"  Not true! Once post-partum, always post-partum, and changes are possible at any point or age! 

  • Whether you are pregnant with your first (or fourth!) child, are 2 post-baby, 2 months, in the "fourth trimester", or it's been 22years since you last gave birth, the Women's Health and Pelvic Floor specialists at Embody can provide you with solutions! You do not need to live with:

  • Back, neck, and hip pain during pregnancy and postnatal                                         
  • Pelvic Ring, SI, and Pubic Symphysis pain 
  • Urinary Incontinence (leakage). Common but NOT normal, and we have solutions before and after birth
  • Diastasis (DRA), abdominal, and core weakness. We guide you in your recovery and help you strengthen safely
  • Episiotomy and C-Section scar mobility and pain
  • Pelvic Floor and pelvic organ descent (prolapse)
  •  If you have questions regarding healthy pregnancy, fitness, and prevention, or are experiencing problems related to pregnancy, including DRA, pelvic ring/SI, and Back pain, contact us for answers and solutions. Please know that if you ahve been told that you are "fine", but you don't feel that way, we are here to help you RECOVER and RESTORE.

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